Uber review


Uber review

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Uber is the application for taxi ordering. There is not the usual service. There is a platform that shaped the taxi market around the world. Although it was first created as the platform for ride-sharing, today the company provides users with a number of other services, such as food delivering and bikes and scooters sharing.

Fast and simple process to order the taxi

Before Uber, people used to order the taxi by phone or just stopping the car on the road. This caused a number of problems. Uber offers another way: they launch the application where people can order the taxi, make an exact pickup point, and see the price before the car order. The application greatly simplified the order process:

  • Open Uber and type the place you want to go;
  • Allow the application to access your location to show the driver where you are;
  • See the car model, driver phone, and track the taxi moving in real-time;
  • Choose the most convenient way to pay for the riding: cash, credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and others. Moreover, you can share the costs of riding with your friends;
  • Rate the driver and write the feedback.

Moreover, since its invention, the application was planned to make as a worldwide service. For example, if you are in a new city, you do not need to browse the taxi numbers, all you need is just open the application. Today, Uber operates in more than 500 cities worldwide.

Diversified payment and service delivery model

Uber is very flexible in terms of payment and service delivering. As we mentioned above, you can pay by using several methods. Similar to this, you can order the car based on your needs and requirements. There are several ride models:

  • UberX: offers a private ride in a standard car. You can order the car with a child seat for the additional payment;
  • Uber Select: it costs a little bit more than Uber X and provides users with a car of business class;
  • Uber Green: this type of riding uses only electro cars;
  • Uber Black: provides users with luxury cars;
  • Uber Go: the ride is carried out by hatchback;
  • Uber XL: the ride on the big cars that can seat up to 6 passengers;
  • Uber Shuttle: there is a public ride, etc.

Please note that not all services are available in all countries. The price of the trip varies depending on the chosen level of the trip. Also, Uber uses the dynamic price model. It means that it changes according to supply and demand in a certain area.



Uber is a must-have application if you use the taxi. It allows you to order the car very fast and select the ride level based on your preferences. Initially launched in 2005, today it operates in more than 500 cities. The application uses the dynamic price formation based on the supply, demand, and ride level. Also, it is worth to say that the navigation inside the application is really decent. Even if you are a newcomer, you will be able to figure out quickly how it works. Uber is completely free to install, download, and use. There are no hidden costs or premium subscriptions.


  • Provides with a simple way to order the taxi
  • Free to install and download
  • Large base of drivers and users


  • Can be some unexpected extra costs at the end of driving
  • Not all services available in all countries


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