Stumble Guys review

In the world of gaming, the hunt for unique and engaging games is a never-ending quest, and in this chase, "Stumble Guys" steps in to make its mark. This multiplayer party knockout game brings entertainment to your fingertips, making players stumble, jump, and clash across chaotic arenas. Designed by Kitka Games, Stumble Guys provides a refreshing and immersive gaming experience, promising fun and laughter in abundance. 

In the game, up to 32 players compete in online multiplayer matches, battling through indulging and wacky up-and-over and physic-based obstacles until only one champion remains. The gameplay revolves around racing against other players, dodging obstacles, and staying on your feet until the finish line. You start each game by joining a lobby before being dropped into comedic and challenging courses where you're tasked to stay upright better than other fellow stumblers.

The controls of the game are straightforward but compelling, with players only needing to focus on moving and jumping over or swerving through various obstacles. Precision, timing, and quick decisions are crucial to dodge obscure and often amusing roadblocks like giant boxing gloves, hammers, icy paths, or tumbling fruits.

Between matches, players get the chance to customize their Stumbler using an array of varied and fun skins. This personalization aspect adds an entertaining edge to the gameplay and allows players to showcase their style.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the gameplay is the level design. Each game reorders the level sequence, which means players cannot depend solely on memory and must adapt to win. It's this dynamic aspect of the game that keeps players on their toes and makes each new round feel like a unique experience.

Stumbling Upon Challenges

Once downloaded, many users have reported notable issues that may hinder the enjoyment of the game.

The primary concern lies with the in-game server. The server tends to disconnect players randomly mid-game, causing frustration and reducing user satisfaction. The game could potentially benefit from server improvements for smoother gameplay.

Another complaint from users revolves around the control system. The controls, according to some players, seem to be less responsive at times and can feel rigid and limiting, thereby detracting from the experience. An improved control mechanism with better stability and responsiveness can significantly enhance Stumble Guys' gameplay.

Lastly, the issue of in-app purchases and ads hampers user experience, mainly because the game targets predominantly younger audiences who may not fully understand in-app purchases. Although these transactions help support the game's further development and maintenance, a more user-friendly approach toward ads and in-app purchases could benefit Stumble Guys significantly.

The Final Verdict on Stumble Guys

Despite these reported issues, Stumble Guys has made strides in the mobile gaming market, drawing in multitudes of players worldwide. The highlight of the game lies in its crazy, chaos-filled arenas that fuel hours of laughter-packed entertainment.

Users appreciate the vibrant, colorful graphics and engaging soundtrack that amplifies the game's chaotic energy. The unique levels and intuitive yet challenging obstacles also add a distinctive charm that keeps players returning for more fun-filled rounds.

However, for the game to retain its appeal and grow further, user feedback needs rigorous attention. Enhancing server performance, refining the controls, and making in-app purchases and ads more user-friendly could pave the way for a more seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.


  • Engaging Multiplayer Gameplay
  • Vibrant, Cartoonish Graphics
  • Dynamic and Fun Levels


  • Server Connectivity Issues
  • Unresponsive Control at Times
  • Presence of In-App Purchases and Ads


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