Poppy Playtime review

Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime review

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The horror puzzle adventure Poppy Playtime game was released in mid-October, so it rolled out just in time for Halloween. You are a former employee who went to a creepy abandoned toy factory looking for his comrades, which are claimed to be missing. A giant blue animatronic will meet you and put you at risk for coming to its place. Although the game was released recently, it has already established itself among fans of horror games. Will you complete all puzzles and survive this nightmare? To download the Poppy Playtime on PC, you can find it in Steam for $4.99 for the first chapter.


First, let's start with a soundtrack and overall sound design because it's just perfect for kids-themed horror. A spooky atmosphere can make you anxious or give the player a false sense of calm. Also, Poppy Playtime has a high graphics quality with a first-person perspective. The various toys across the game and the innocent style bring a unique touch into the game.


Early in the game, you will find a gadget named Grabpack. This gadget allows you to interact with objects and performs pretty similarly to sticky hands. It also serves as an electrical conductor for the puzzles during the game. Use it to move and grab items scattered all over the map. Along with the puzzle-solving, you will understand how the electrical ability to power factory areas works.


The first chapter of Poppy Playtime is called A Tight Squeeze. Through the story, we learn that a couple of years ago, a group of employers of the Playtime Co. disappeared under strange circumstances. You will have to face strange events that are happening in this terrifying place. You will also learn about Playtime Co.'s secrets with the tapes hidden inside the toy factory.

You are never alone, even if it feels like this. In addition to creepy toys and the overall atmosphere, you will meet a giant blue friend named Huggy Wuggy. This enormous creature will give anyone chills, but the worst part is the fact that he is following you. With Grabpack, you will explore the various premises of the factory and will be able to solve challenging puzzles.


You will spend no more than an hour in the first chapter, but there are others waiting for you which promise to be just as exciting. If you want to explore the factory in detail and enjoy its atmosphere, it is necessary to search all its corners more thoroughly.

Review Summary

Thousands of positive reviews and fans love met the Poppy Playtime this year. This novelty will not leave horror games fans disappointed. MOB Games Studio created a very mysterious game with lots of secrets. To install Poppy Playtime you can get the game for 4.99$ on Steam. This is one of the best 2021 horror games, so it is worth downloading it and getting your piece of spookiness


  • Graphics are polished
  • The game will give you chills
  • Difficult and interesting tasks
  • The plot is mysterious and eerie


  • Very short playtime
  • You can face some bugs


Poppy Playtime Poppy Playtime Poppy Playtime Poppy Playtime

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