Microsoft Teams review

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams review

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Microsoft Teams app offers a secure collaboration of companies, business meetings, and other events with greater data visibility and intuitive management. Teams provide everything you need for conferencing, messaging, and file sharing⁠—all are combined in a user-friendly interface. Therefore, within options, the app gives users proper ways to organize their communication and channels, so everyone can check in on the topics and teams relevant to them. Microsoft Teams software also has powerful Microsoft Office integration options for various users' needs. If you want to improve your communication experience, you can download Microsoft Teams on Google Play Store. 


The instant messaging and video chat features allow users to stay in contact with colleagues or family members anywhere in the world. Teams functionality makes it easy to start a call, invite others to join, and create a new meeting that can be scheduled beforehand. A high level of data protection and optimized integration with other applications facilitates the exchange of documents and work for companies and other commercial organizations.

For people who care about mobility and constant movement, the app offers the ability to keep the work and communication process going. It can be used anywhere with any browser if you are using Microsoft Teams on PC or Microsoft Teams mobile applications. So people can meet anywhere ​they want.

Microsoft Teams is built with an automatic whiteboard that can be used the same as the physical class. This unique feature is what distinguishes Teams from other software across digital stores. Another interesting and interactive function is emojis, which help users express emotions fascinatingly. Moreover, if you have a problem, quality customer support will be able to help you very quickly.


The interface is intuitive and simple and does not overwhelm the users with a plethora of features. The app was designed for both one-on-one communications and larger meetings. There are all convenient tools, such as a mentioning function, that will help send a message to a specific individual in a chat.


The most important advantage of using Teams is its accessibility to people around the world. The ability to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world is particularly valuable during a pandemic. Therefore, the set of options together with video and audio calls makes this app indispensable for everyday use.


Features that the app offers can significantly improve your communication with people and speed up the work process. Teams app is a multi-functional app that has replaced a number of other applications and continued to provide more. You can download it on any platform and it's free to use.


  • Simple to use
  • The app is free
  • A lot of customization options


  • Speed while sharing screen
  • Not the most modern design


Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams

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