Have a Nice Death review

Have a Nice Death

Have a Nice Death review

Published & copyrighted by Magic Design Studios

Have a Nice Death is a 3D horror video game where players have to escape from a serial killer in a small town in America. The player must venture through the protagonist’s memories in order to understand why they are in this situation and how to take control of their own life.


The graphics of Have a Nice Death are a beautifully bleak 2D style with a black and white color palette. This tone is an important part of the story, as it reflects the protagonist’s memories and the difficult situations they faced in their past.


In order to progress through the protagonist’s memories, the player must explore the environment, finding clues and memories that lead to the next part of the story. In some cases, the player will have to solve puzzles in order to progress.


The controls in Have a Nice Death are basic and designed to be easily navigated. The player can interact with objects in the environment and can interact with memories in order to progress in the story.


The game is short and can be beaten in one sitting. However, it is fun to play it over again to see if you can do better the next time.

Review Summary

Have a Nice Death is an interactive exploration game with puzzle elements. The graphics are simple but beautifully bleak. The gameplay is slow and thoughtful, but the controls are simple and easy to operate. The replayability of this game is high, as it can be replayed to experience the game from a different perspective.


  • Interesting story
  • Nicely designed graphics and user interface
  • Fun and challenging gameplay


  • Can be frustrating at times


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