Gacha Life review

Gacha Life

Gacha Life review

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Gacha life is an addictive and fun mobile game. Players get to create their own anime characters and explore a world of gacha machines, fashion, and friends. The game is easy to play and understand but offers enough depth and complexity to keep players engaged. The graphics are cute and colourful, and the soundtrack is cheerful and upbeat. Overall, Gacha life is a fun and enjoyable mobile game that is perfect for players of all ages.


In Gacha Life, you create your own character and design their fashion style, as well as their room. You can also create your own gacha (a capsule toy machine) and fill it with all sorts of adorable characters. You can play mini-games, go on dates, and even get married! There is a lot to do in this game, and it’s surprisingly addictive.

I love the amount of customisation you can do in Gacha Life. You can make your character look however you want, and you can design their room any way you like. There are also so many adorable gacha characters to collect, and the mini-games are a lot of fun. I also like that there is a dating aspect to the game because it makes the experience feel more interactive.

The one downside to Gacha Life is that it can be a bit addictive, and it can be easy to spend a lot of time playing. But overall, I think it’s a really fun game, and I’ve enjoyed playing it a lot.


The graphics in Gacha Life are really good! There are a lot of different clothes and hairstyles to choose from, and the characters look really cute.


The controls in Gacha Life are very simple. You just use your finger to tap on the icons on the bottom of the screen to do different things. There is also an on-screen joystick that you can use to move your character around.


Gacha life is a game that is very replayable. There are many different items to collect and many different ways to customise your character. You can also join in on the fun with other players by joining in on their rooms or going to the social hub.


Overall, Gacha Life is an addictive and fun game that simulates the experience of owning and playing with dolls. The graphics are high-quality, and the game is easy to learn how to play. However, there are a few glitches that occur occasionally, and some of the features are not very well-developed. Despite these drawbacks, Gacha Life is still an enjoyable game that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys playing dress-up games or dollhouse simulations.


  • There are a lot of different clothes and hairstyles to choose from for your characters
  • You can create your own scenes and stories with the characters
  • You can play mini-games within the app
  • You can share your creations with others online


  • Some of the clothes and hairstyles cost gems, which you have to either buy or earn by playing mini-games
  • The app can be a bit glitchy at times


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