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Gacha Club

Gacha Club review

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Gacha Club, an exciting sequel to Gacha Life, is like a fresh breeze of creativity mixed with a little twist of RPG. Despite parent concern over Gacha Life due to inappropriate content in mini-movies by players, Gacha Club is committed to eliminating those concerns with some intriguing alterations. This review delves into what makes this game a fun ride while addressing the tiny hiccups along the way.

Playing Gacha Club feels like living in an enlarged version of the world created in Gacha Life. You can continue to nurture your creativity by designing avatars and scenes, but with an additional perk of role-playing. Battle mode spices up the gaming experience by introducing turn-based battles to accompany your imaginative journey. 

What sets Gacha Club apart is the seamless weaving of an RPG element into the core casual game. Walking on the common path of creativity might seem monotonous, and that's exactly where the battle mode comes as a savior. It infuses a continual sense of accomplishment by letting you venture through the game's story, boost your characters, and unlock new ones.

The drawback of Gacha Life's player-to-player interaction ultimately led to a toxic environment. However, winsomely, Gacha Club takes a step away from this issue by negating any direct player interaction. This approach ensures a safeguard from any uncalled communication or harassment providing a safer environment for the younger audience.

To assure parents about the suitability of the game for kids, Lumine has revamped poses making them less suggestive. Parents can rest easy as the degree of explicit content in the game seems to be minimized substantially. 

While Gacha Club does its best to ensure an untainted gaming environment, one thing out of its control remains the YouTube content by players. Taking cues from Gacha Life, it's evident that such content can be inappropriate. Although the game itself cannot control it, this factor might still hold sway over parental perception of the game.

Conclusion: The Verdict on Gacha Club

Considering the fresh dynamics introduced by Gacha Club, it seems to outshine its predecessor in terms of gameplay and features. Reduction of inappropriate and toxic content within the game ensures a safer and more wholesome experience for younger gamers. While the inappropriate content on YouTube remains an uncontrolled factor, the game itself offers an enjoyable and expansive platform for creative expression.


  • Incorporation of RPG element offering a unique gameplay experience
  • No player-to-player interaction, reducing toxicity
  • Less suggestive character poses
  • Multiple game modes to enjoy.


  • Inability to control inappropriate content produced by players on YouTube.

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