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Published & copyrighted by BeamNG is the ultimate destruction derby game. The game features realistic and accurate physics for the cars and is a simulation of a car crash. The game offers the player a variety of cars to choose from, from a 2013 Honda Accord to a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle. Players can take a car and customize it, or they can pick a pre-made car. is a driving simulation game available on Steam. You are in charge of a single car, which you can customize by changing the paint color, adding decals, and tuning the suspension. You can also choose whether to drive with two or four wheels for each end of the car. You can choose to drive off-road with all four wheels or on the road with two. is a car simulator that allows users to drive on various landscapes and terrains without worrying about crashing into objects or running out of fuel.


The gameplay is where really shines. Players can explore the game's map to find an area with cars and players. They can then steal a car, and begin their demolition derby. Players can take out other cars by ramming into them, or by using weapons that are scattered throughout the map. Players can also customize their car with decals, paint jobs, and more. Crashing is an integral part of the gameplay, as crashes are the only way to remove objects from the map. Exploring is done by exploring the map and unlocking more of the map with a key.


The graphics in are not the best. The game is in early access as of now, so the graphics are not as polished as they could be. The graphics, though, are not bad. The graphics in are realistic, with the roads being made up of different textures that change as you drive over them. The cars are also realistic, with the interior of the car looking like it does in reality.

Information about replayability is a game that offers a lot of replay value. There are many customization options, and many different maps. There is a high level of replayability in because it's almost always different. Every time you drive, you'll be driving on a different road or in a different environment, which will make it feel like a new game.

Conclusion is a fun game that offers a lot of replay value. It's an easy game to learn, and it doesn't have a lot of violence. The graphics could use some work, but overall, is a fun and easy game to play.


  • The game is fun to play and easy to learn
  • There are a lot of customization options, which give the game a lot of replay value
  • There's a low level of violence
  • You can customize your car


  • The graphics are not the best, and there are not many maps to explore


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