YouTube Introducing Design & UI Updates

  • 22-10-2022 |
  • Kyle Robinson
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The video streaming behemoth has recently uncovered its newly added design and user interface adjustments. The new features revolve around pinch-to-zoom and precise seeking, along with an enhanced preview. They are aimed at helping you easily and speedily choose the needed video section. These changes are currently being made available throughout the service. Stay tuned for details.

Let’s start with the freshly added pinch-to-zoom feature. Its main purpose is to help you zoom in on your vids. Have you already test-driven this functionality? Then you’re probably a YouTube premium subscriber. The thing is, the tool has already been live for some time in August. 

Another soon-to-be-added feature is precise seeking. It’s aimed at assisting you with rewinding or fast-forwarding your multimedia to a chosen section. Also, upon scrolling through your videos, you’ll notice a frame-by-frame view, which will make searching for the required parts a breeze.

Ambient mode is another newly incorporated YouTube adjustment. It enables background color customization for the purpose of matching the colors in the video you’re viewing at this particular time. This fantastic feature will soon be at your regular disposal, but only if you’re a dark theme aficionado. The devs behind the tool were aimed at making the effect super exciting, without getting you distracted.

Finally yet importantly, YouTube’s dark mode is set to reach its darkest potential within this design overhaul. That way, the colors will really pop on your screen. Some minor icons are getting a visual update, too — just to polish style uniformity to perfection. Any thoughts on all these changes? Are you looking forward to seeing them? Speak up in the comments below. Your opinion is important.

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