YouTube Improves Radio Algorithms & More

  • 20-04-2022 |
  • Matthew Garcia
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Google is finally rolling out the new features teased in February and March YouTube Music presentations. The team of the popular music app reports that it has improved back-end algorithms of the app to increase artics diversity in the Song Radio mode and made song flow nominations more logical. Read on to know more about the update. 

Better Listening Experience

With the improved YouTube music radio algorithm, the app is supposed to show more relevant artists on the list and add the Suffle feature to Wear OS and Family OS devices. Now you can remotely shuffle all the downloaded songs on your device from your Wear OS wearables. Now selecting a specific song from the search will stop playback once the selected track ends. You can change it back by enabling autoplay if you have an Up Next queue. 

Your family listening history will go to a separate family tab, while the Listen Again section will finally stop displaying duplicates of tracks on smart TV sets and gaming consoles. The family listening tab also offers a new personalized Family Mix along with standard playlists.

Competitive Podcasts

One of the recent Google leaks suggests that YouTube will add a brand new separate home screen for podcasts to compete with Spotify and Apple in that industry. The new section will have a layout similar to the original home page of the video hosting. The leaked 84-page document includes multiple images and descriptions of upcoming podcast home screen layouts along with a roadmap of other long-term changes on the platform.

Not Clear Yet

While the YouTube Music improvements are already a fact, we still don’t know if the information from the leaked document is worth our trust. However, it would be very exciting to try out podcast along with YouTube Music as the app offers a unique music exploration experience. Would you like to have podcasts in your YT Music? Why? Why not? Let’s chat below and don’t forget to share the news with friends. 


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