WWE 2K24 Features Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon, But They Aren’t Playable – Rumor

  • 29-02-2024 |
  • Kyle Robinson
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In a surprising development for WWE 2K24, prominent figures Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon haven't made it onto the official playable roster. This omission comes amidst a lawsuit involving both individuals, filed by a former WWE employee, which complicates their playable status. Despite this, insiders close to the making of the game have shed light on their presence within the game, albeit in non-playable forms.

Collaboration with WWE is a priority for the teams at Visual Concepts and 2K Games, aiming to mirror the real-world events of the WWE universe in their titles. This approach has led to a creative inclusion of Lesnar and McMahon in WWE 2K24. Particularly, they feature in aspects of the game where narrative and historical accuracy are central.

For instance, the MyRISE mode, which charts the journey of two wrestling novices through the ranks, would logically entail some interaction with Vince McMahon, given his significant role in shaping wrestlers' careers. Furthermore, the 2K Showcase mode brings to life memorable Wrestlemania matches from the past four decades. One such unforgettable match is Brock Lesnar's victory over The Undertaker, a match that broke The Undertaker's legendary Wrestlemania winning streak. Including this moment would be critical for the historical integrity of the game mode.

Even though both figures are part of the game's storyline components, their absence from the roster as playable characters has caused a stir among fans. This decision underscores the game developers' efforts to navigate the complex landscape of wrestling entertainment, reflecting ongoing real-life situations within the virtual world of WWE 2K24 without compromising on the game's experiential authenticity.

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