Unwind With The Excitement Of Halo Infinite And The Adventure Of Sea Of Thieves

  • 16-02-2024 |
  • Matthew Garcia
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You might already know that your Game Pass Ultimate subscription includes more than just a vast collection of games. It also encompasses EA Play, Xbox Cloud Gaming, various discounts, and benefits called perks. These perks often provide free game DLC or in-game currency, and occasionally include streaming service subscriptions. However, this time, the focus is on relaxation.

Game Pass Ultimate members can currently enjoy a complimentary three-month trial of Calm Premium. This service offers an extensive selection of content aimed at relaxation and sleep, including over 300 Sleep Stories, music tracks tailored for concentration and relaxation, and a variety of guided meditation and movement activities.

Taking a gaming twist, Xbox has curated soundscapes inspired by games like Halo Infinite and Sea of Thieves. With the former, you can unwind to the serene extraterrestrial sounds of Zeta Halo, and with the latter, you can relax to the gentle, rolling waves from the treacherous yet tranquil virtual seas of Rare's creation.

Be sure to claim your Calm Premium perk by March 7. If you find it beneficial, you're eligible for a 50% discount once the trial ends. For more details on this unique Xbox offer, check out the Xbox Wire.

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