Ultimate Guide to Acquire The Iconic Masamune Sword in Final Fantasy 16

  • 04-07-2023 |
  • Harper Lee
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As one of the most iconic weapons in the Final Fantasy franchise, the Masamune has made a return in the latest installment of the series - Final Fantasy 16. In this game, the legendary katana is one of the top-tier weapons that protagonist Clive can wield, and its sleek design perfectly complements his battle gear. Unlike most weapons in the game which can be obtained from shops or through crafting, the only way to acquire the Masamune is by discovering the chest it is hidden in. This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough on how to find the Masamune in Final Fantasy 16.

Embarking on the Quest: Footfalls in Ash

The journey to acquire the Masamune begins with the forty-second main quest of the game, Footfalls in Ash. On commencing this quest, players gain access to the desolate realm of The Kingdom of Waloed. This arid wasteland is home to numerous hidden locations, trials, and items, one of which is the coveted Masamune. Even though the main storyline will guide Clive towards Eistla via The Angry Gap, those desiring the Masamune must linger a bit longer in The Angry Gap.

Reaching The Angry Gap: The First Challenge

The Angry Gap is a crucial location in the quest for the Masamune. The quickest route to reach The Angry Gap is to fast-travel to Eistla and traverse the bridge leading west. However, this option is only available if players have already activated The Angry Gap's Obelisk. If not, the journey needs to be made on foot from The Shadow Coast. The path might be long and fraught with challenges, but the reward awaiting at the end is worth the effort.

Delving Deeper into The Angry Gap

Once in The Angry Gap, the search for the Masamune intensifies. Players must navigate through the treacherous terrain and hostile creatures that inhabit this desolate land. The key to finding the Masamune here lies in being thorough and leaving no stone unturned. The Angry Gap is a vast area with many hidden spots and secret pathways. Exploring all these nooks and crannies could eventually lead players to the much-anticipated treasure chest containing the Masamune.

Securing the Legendary Masamune

After an arduous trek through The Kingdom of Waloed and a thorough exploration of The Angry Gap, players will finally lay their hands on the legendary Masamune. Once obtained, the katana will significantly power up Clive's combat abilities, making it an invaluable addition to his arsenal. Despite the challenging process involved in acquiring the Masamune, the feeling of wielding one of the most iconic weapons in the Final Fantasy series is undeniably satisfying and rewarding.

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