Ubisoft Scrubs References to Late 2024 Release for Star Wars Outlaws

  • 04-01-2024 |
  • Matthew Garcia
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Ubisoft has given new information about the release of the Star Wars Outlaws game. It has changed the tentative release date simply to release in 2024.

A Ubisoft representative clarified the situation regarding the erroneous launch timeline in a communication with Kotaku. The representative affirmed that the previously mentioned release window was a mistake and has been corrected. Nevertheless, despite Ubisoft's reluctance to confirm a late 2024 debut, it appears to be a plausible timeframe for the release of Star Wars Outlaws.

Currently, our insights into Star Wars Outlaws are limited to the gameplay demonstration unveiled last June and a handful of details shared in various interviews. However, the prospect of an open-world Star Wars game is bound to excite the fanbase. We are eagerly anticipating further updates on the game.

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