Top 5 Single Player Subclasses in Destiny 2

  • Harper Lee
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5th place — Warrior (Titan)

Destiny 2 Warrior (Titan)

Titan is a fairly simple and unpretentious class. If you compare it with the classic role-playing, then this is a kind of local tank. Such a character is suitable for those who like to rush into battle and rely solely on brute force. Excellent armor and a reserve of health will help you get out of any scrape relatively unscathed.

At the same time, the Warrior will not only withstand a lot of damage, but he himself will be able to inflict a good amount of it due to the large number of attacks on the area. This subclass deals electrical damage, and we recommend it to anyone who likes to play PvE as aggressively as possible.

Suitable for: those who want a balanced character.

4th place — Shooter (Hunter)

Destiny 2 Shooter (Hunter)

If Titans are tanks, then Hunters are classic robbers. This class can offer a nimble and mobile character who will also deal decent damage.

The shooter takes the best of his class (mobility and skills with good damage) and multiplies it by a hundred due to the fact that he uses the energy of the Sun. At the same time, the Ulta allows you to inflict simply enormous damage on the target. Great for fighting PvE bosses.

Suitable for: only those players who prefer to be at a distance from the enemy. A double jump will help with this, which can be finished off by a triple in the future.

3rd place — Night Hunter

Destiny 2 Night Hunter

Hunter as a whole is a fairly flexible class that can be customized for yourself, while Night Hunter is definitely the most popular and useful of its subclasses. He specializes in void force attacks and can also slow down opponents, which is very useful if you are fighting against a large number of enemies.

In addition, at a certain stage of pumping, the Night Hunter can also make the enemies affected by the ulta explode. Spectacular and effective.

We advise you to invest in the Pathfinder Path (the lower branch of skills). It increases the amount of damage — what you need if you don't like to rely on anyone.

Suitable for: those who love the classic gameplay for the robber — to play secretly and constantly move.

2nd place — Patron (Titan)

Destiny 2 Patron (Titan)

Another subclass of Titan. The most reliable and popular choice for fans of this class. At the same time, it is also ideal for passing single-user content.

His grenades are effective against any opponents — from trifles to bosses, and his superpower allows you to summon a shield that will help you catch your breath and finish off those who happen to be nearby. In addition, one of the passive abilities of the upper branch ("Rallying strength") will help to restore health in addition.

At the same time, we do not recommend downloading the lower branch of abilities (the "Code of the Aggressor") if you play single-player content.

Suitable for: for those who like close combat.

1st place — Blade of Dawn (Warlock)

Destiny 2 Blade of Dawn (Warlock)

By analogy with Tank Titans and Rogue Hunters, Warlocks can be safely called magicians. The Blade of Dawn subclass, in our opinion, is best for passing the Destiny 2 PvE content.

Many consider Warlocks exclusively as supports, but the Blades of Dawn themselves can distribute God's punishment and mercy to everyone they meet on their way. Having pumped the superpower of this subclass, you can throw charges of solar energy right in flight, which, you will agree, is powerful. Even if someone says that this is a broken class, these people are just jealous.

And in general, it's quite fun to fly around the battlefield, scattering everyone with the power of the near-Normandy. So, if you are going to go through the plot and not be distracted by PvP, choose this subclass — you will not regret it.

Suitable for: anyone who finds the usual shooter mechanics a little boring.

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