The Substance: A Chill-Inducing Masterpiece in Body Horror Dominating Cannes and Critics Alike

  • 20-05-2024 |
  • Kyle Robinson
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The latest horror sensation, "The Substance," has premiered with an impeccable score on Rotten Tomatoes, hailed as a masterpiece in body horror tailored for those with a taste for the exceptionally macabre. Demi Moore and Margaret Qualley shine in this groundbreaking film, earning widespread acclaim at its Cannes Film Festival debut and being celebrated as a landmark in body horror.

An extensive applause session, lasting 11 minutes, greeted the film at Cannes, a testament to its impact and creative vision by French auteur Coralie Fargeat. Drawing imaginative strength from the concept of cellular division, "The Substance" unveils an innovative product enabling users to manifest a more youthful and flawless version of themselves.

With its early reviews unanimously positive and boasting a flawless Rotten Tomatoes score based on seven critics, this film is carving its path through the horror genre's echelons. Opinions are still forming, but the initial consensus is overwhelmingly in favor, indicating a strong start for this cinematic endeavor.

Our critique of "The Substance" awards it four stars, with critic James Mottram lauding it for its rich thematic content, chilling effects, and Demi Moore's compelling performance, making it a film many will be eager to experience firsthand.

David Ehrlich from Indie Wire praises the film as a boundary-pushing, unparalleled horror spectacle, finding kinship in both "Freaky Friday" and "The Fly," remarking on Moore's unhinged performance with high regard. Josh Parham of Next Best Picture describes it as a darkly comedic commentary on the entertainment industry's fixation with youthful allure, complimented by sterling performances from Moore and Qualley, and a wealth of grotesque visuals certain to delight fans of the genre.

Variety commends the film for its shock value and uncanny blend of horror and humor, branding it an empowering feminist take on the body horror genre. Deadline's initial review applauds Fargeat for her incisive critique of discrimination within show business, executed through a vividly nightmarish narrative filled with surreal terror.

With Mubi set to handle its distribution, the release date for "The Substance" remains pending. For those hungering for more thrilling cinematic experiences, our curated selection of top horror films and eagerly awaited future releases will surely satisfy.

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