The Famous Petanque Is Now on Google

  • 08-08-2022 |
  • Matthew Garcia
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We never stop admiring how thinly Google communicates about interesting holidays in their doodles. On July 31, Google users saw their branded logo, which featured petanque balls and olives. What do olives have to do with the famous game? 

In this way, the company decided to celebrate World Petanque Day. It is a favorite game of the French, which they play in the open air. The rules are quite simple. A single ball "cochonet" is placed on a field of sand. Players from different teams must throw their balls as close to the target as possible to score the winning 30 points. It seems that the game is simple and does not make any sense. But it's a whole strategy because a sneaky opponent will be eager to hit your ball to separate the target. 

The image of the olive symbolizes the ancient Greek roots of this game. From there, the ancient Roman soldiers and sailors brought the game to France. The game has undergone more than one modification before becoming world famous and an international competition game. 

The online game is available in full and mobile versions. When playing on the computer, you have to lift the ball with your mouse and pull it back to shoot, as if you were shooting with a slingshot. To play on your phone, you lift the ball with your finger, making an upward motion. You can play on your own or share a link with a friend to have a competition. You can also randomly find a player online. 

Before you start playing with someone, you can practice. Google provides a tutorial.

That is not the first doodle Google has released. The first one was released in 2018 in honor of Halloween. Since then, the company has not stopped releasing doodles with iconic games, including the beloved game of our youth or childhood - Pac-Man. 

Have you played the new doodle with your friends? If not, send them a link and play a culture game. Which doodles did you like the most

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