Sudden Outage of Telegram Occurs Around the World

  • 20-01-2022 |
  • Matthew Garcia
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Numerous countries complained about the Telegram outage that happened on January 17, 8 pm (IST). Among those countries are the US, UAE, Australia, Myanmar, and India. Users around the world shared the main concern about the messaging app.

Two hours later, at 10 pm, Telegram responded about the outage on the official Twitter page. The company acknowledged the problem. Although they were not incredibly talkative and did not share details on the problem, Telegram officials said that the messaging app is back again.

Users started reporting the outage at 8 pm on January 17. According to the official statistics, there were over 4,000 reports around the world. The total number of Telegram users is 500 million. The data was collected by DownDetector which usually reports outages of popular social networks.

People around the world were complaining about the inability to enter the app on both laptops and smartphones. The platform said that it was “updating”, and in some cases “connecting” to the messaging app. One of the main explanations is that there was a technical glitch in Telegram. Among the possible scenarios is the glitch in IP modifications or DNS configuration. Since Telegram officials did not confirm anything, users can only assume the possible problem. According to the information gathered by DownDetector, there were 47 percent reports on the Telegram app. The 37 percent reports were about the lack of connection with the server. The last 17 percent was about the inability to reach the website.

In two hours Telegram handled the problem. Users could enter their accounts and continue to use the app. This is not the first time Telegram was unavailable for users.

Have you noticed the problems with Telegram that day? How often do you use this app? You can express your thoughts about Telegram in the comments below.

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