Spotify Tops the Music Streaming Market

  • 26-01-2022 |
  • Kyle Robinson
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Spotify is still on top of the list. While Apple Music is holding second place, Spotify continues to be No 1 for devoted listeners. According to the recent calculations for the second quarter 2022 subscribers based grew by 26 percent, and Spotify holds the first position. Meanwhile, Apple Music stands near 1st place with a surprising number of subscribers.

It is not a surprise for market analysts to see Spotify on top of the list of music streamers. This service holds the position for several years. It has 31 percent of the general market share in this industry. Although Apple Music is in second place, it still can’t reach competitors with only 15 percent of the share. It may look like Spotify is always there. Yet, compared to last year’s second quarter, which revealed 33 percent of the market share for Spotify, it lost 2 percent. Spotify is a step ahead of Amazon Music by the growth. The latter received a 25 percent rise compared to the 20 percent growth of the former.

Spotify is still the leader no matter the decreased market share since there are no competitors with such outstanding performance on the market. Swedish music streamer continues to attract an audience with new features. Recently the company added more options that might improve the service in general and make new music more visible. They want to make the platform more advanced.

Apple Music, at the same time, is trying to attract users with unique services too. It offers Hi-Res Lossless Audio and Spatial Audio support. Subscribers do not have to pay extras for this. Apart from that, Apple Music offers a savvy plan with the voice only. It works from Siri. Personalized playlists and extra features attract more users to the service.

Which streaming service is your favorite? Are you team Spotify or team Apple Music? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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