Spotify HiFi Release Is Delayed Without Timing Details

  • 12-01-2022 |
  • Kyle Robinson
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Almost a year ago, Spotify announced that it’s planning to launch a new HiFi feature by the end of 2021 year. Now, it’s already 2022, but no updates are released. Spotify delayed the launch of HiFi, and it didn’t explain what was the reason for this. Users started to write about this issue on the Spotify Community website. The HIFI feature should highly improve the audio quality; that’s why many listeners are waiting for it impatiently. Spotify says that it knows this feature is essential for its users. The company will release HiFi for sure, but it can’t say when it will happen.

When the function is added, it will be available for Premium users. However, they need to pay an additional cost. There are no details about its amount too. This information is based on the announcement that was made in February 2021, but everything might change due to the recent news. Spotify is not the only platform that strives to improve audio quality with the new features. Earlier, Apple Music released Spatial Audio and Lossless songs. This feature is free for its subscribers, and it’s not the only update Apple is preparing. There are leaks that the new AirPods Pro 2 will be launched soon. Spotify can’t compete with Apple in this part as it doesn’t have its headphone or other devices. 

Apple offers a new audio feature for free, so Spotify might think about the same for the HiFi feature. If the function will be fee-paying, there is a chance that users will prefer Apple Music then. However, it’s still not clear when the HiFi feature will be available for Spotify users. That’s why it’s difficult to make other predictions about the next update. Are you a Spotify user? Are you waiting for the HiFi support? Feel free to share your comments in the section below.

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