Spotify for Android Gets Swipe-to-Queue Feature

  • 07-03-2022 |
  • Matthew Garcia
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Spotify is finally bringing the feature Android users have been waiting for several years. Many similar services for listening to music have long offered the opportunity to add songs to the queue using swipes. A quick and simple gesture greatly simplifies and speeds up the work with tracks. Spotify didn’t have this option for a long time. Then it appeared in the application for iOS devices. And only now do the developers plan to add it to the Android version of the service.

Fun fact: the request for this feature is the most popular demand of the Spotify Community members, dating back to 2015. It’s quite traditional that Apple smartphone users got it first. New features are not added to different platforms at the same time. It is especially true for Spotify, where there are significant differences in the toolset between versions.

Why it took so long to adapt the swipe-to-queue option from iOS to Android is not yet clear. However, those who were lucky enough to test it report that it will work exactly the same way. With a swipe from left to right, you activate the option to add the track you like to the queue. Until then, you could only do this through the classic menu, which opens when you tap on the button with three dots.

Spotify representatives have not yet officially announced the launch of this feature, but it has already appeared on some devices. We assume that it is still being tested, or the rollout is happening in stages, gradually in different regions. If you don’t see this option on your smartphone yet, update the app. If this step did not help, you probably just have to wait until the innovation reaches your country.

Are you a Spotify user? Are you looking forward to the launch of the swipe-to-queue option? What else would you improve in this app?

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