Social Networks Do Not Block Violence Against Russians

  • 16-03-2022 |
  • Kyle Robinson
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After Russia decided to invade Ukraine on February, 24, social media began to act. They immediately were turned into platforms where Ukrainians and the world could tell the truth about the current events. Russian propaganda did not work and the Russian government decided to cut the access to the information to their own people.

Instagram and Facebook, both owned by Meta, decided not to remove posts that call for violence against the invaders in Ukraine. This decision was made after Russian officials blocked the access for their users to all social networks. They called these networks discriminatory since both Instagram and Facebook refused to support Russian propaganda and fake news they were spreading about Ukraine.

Andy Stone, the spokesperson of Meta said that the company decided to temporarily allow users to express violent desires and wishes against Russian invaders. From this time, users will be able to wish death to the Russian army without getting blocked. The pro-Kremlin propaganda agency Sputnik has already spread the news to its audience. Meanwhile, free people around the world are able to wish death to Putin, Lukashenko, and the armies involved in the massacre of peaceful people in Ukraine. Simultaneously, this same Sputnik platform declined to accurately portray the harsh realities in Ukraine, where countless Ukrainian citizens are being mercilessly attacked by pro-Kremlin troops conditioned to target and eliminate civilians they encounter.

According to the recent news, the Russian departments of Deutsche Welle and BBC were blocked among other independent press. Apple, Google, and Twitter all left the country. Nick Clegg, president of Meta, says that the company was still trying to restore the services, bringing the truth to ordinary citizens. While companies around the world are trying to stop the menace and make Putin hear anyone, Russia continues its attempts to get to Kyiv and Ukraine.

What do you think about Meta’s allowance of violent speech? Have you already tried it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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