Skype for Mobile Devices Gets Redesign

  • 07-12-2021 |
  • Kyle Robinson
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Microsoft continues to make efforts to revive its legendary messenger. Most recently, the desktop version of Skype received a redesign, and now users can try out the updated app for mobile devices.

Over the past years, the company has been working on a new interface in the Fluent Design style. It simplifies the application's visual design and makes it more attractive primarily to the younger generation. Besides, Together mode is now available on mobile devices, which previously could only be used by laptop and PC users. With this feature, you can set a common background for group video calls, creating the effect of all participants sitting in the same room.

Also, the developers have improved the quality of video calls, updated the search bar and avatars, enhanced the process of taking pictures using the camera of a mobile device, and much more. They paid particular attention to improving the app's stability and performance. Earlier it had been reported that the creators were planning to increase the performance of Android smartphones by an incredible 2000%. Whether they managed to achieve such a result, and if so, in which ways, is unknown. Also, there has been no information about the app's performance on iOS. However, Skype actually works faster and smoother.

Comments on the new messenger version have already appeared on the network. Many complained that Skype had not been updated for so long and was so far behind modern trends that most users simply removed this application from their devices. It looks like Microsoft needs to not only improve design and stability but also work to attract customers back.

Please tell us what you think about the news. Does your smartphone or laptop have Skype? Do you plan to use it in the future after the upgrade

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