Pros and Cons of the New GTA Trilogy

  • 13-11-2021 |
  • Kyle Robinson
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Rockstar, famously known for its GTA series, took a lot of time to announce some new content, which was not related to previously released GTA V. A lot of rumors were spread among the fan base as to what story they could explore in the new game. Although the graphics became much better, some unpleasant problems arose too.

If you haven’t heard about it: Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy contains remastered versions of the famous parts of GTA III, San Andreas, and Vice City. The visuals were touched up, the control system became easier, and some changes to make the playthrough more comfortable. 

Improved lighting system makes an amazing first impression of GTA III, neon lights and beautiful reflections seem to absorb you, but the more you play, the more you start to notice that it doesn’t benefit every place, for example, some locations of the game are just too dark to navigate.

Likewise, textures also underwent a thorough touch-up. The general look of the worlds in the trilogy seems better, as the streets, parks, and buildings became pretty detailed and interesting, somewhat reminiscent of the famous GTA V. Unfortunately, unpleasant problems arose in here too, as in some places the textures appeared to be broken or glitched.

Players on Switch also complained about several problems with graphics and performance, which almost fully canceled out any joy from playing the game during some parts. Moreover, there were noted unpleasant slowness and FPS dips on Xbox platforms.

To conclude, the Trilogy does not seem like the best purchase right now for the general player. Of course, if you are a big GTA fan, it would be easier for you to brush off these issues. Nevertheless, if you want to have a better experience with these games, we’d recommend you take some time to see whether Rockstar will add any changes.

What do you think about this new release? Would you rather wait some time to buy the Trilogy or want to play these games right now? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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