Pinterest Unveils Mobile Deeplinking To Boost Shopping Activity

  • 19-07-2023 |
  • Matthew Garcia
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Stepping up its game in the realm of mobile commerce, Pinterest has introduced a new feature designed to enhance the shopping experience on the platform - deeplinking. This latest addition enables Pinterest to drive more traffic from the app by redirecting users directly to specific pages in retailers’ mobile apps via Pins. This rollout is set to provide brands with a more efficient means of engaging the attention of Pinners visiting the platform with the intention of shopping and guiding them along the path to making a purchase.

For retailers, the introduction of mobile deep links on Pinterest presents a significant benefit. These deep links will direct Pinterest users straight to a particular page in their mobile app, making it an easier process to shop for products after clicking on a shopping ad discovered on the platform. The removal of extra steps and clicks could undoubtedly lead to an incremental impact on a retailer’s shopping campaign, thereby boosting conversions and driving sales.

The seamless user journey enabled by mobile deep links within the Pinterest ecosystem is set to transform the shopping experience on the platform. When users click on shopping ads, they will now be taken directly to the product listing in the retailer's app if they have it installed. This instant redirection shortens the path to purchase by skipping additional steps.

If a user does not have the retailer’s app installed, the deeplinking feature diverts them to the mobile web page, all within the Pinterest app. This continuation of the seamless user journey creates a smooth transition that practically eliminates any hurdles between the customer and the purchase, paving the way for higher conversion rates for advertisers and retailers.

In conclusion, this potentially valuable addition could provide more direct benefits from traffic to Pinterest, which could drive conversions to the brand's app. While Pinterest offers its own Product Pins and other shopping options to maximize buying activity on the app, this new deeplinking feature could open up a more valuable and efficient route to driving customer traffic, thereby boosting purchase activity and strengthening the commercial potential of the platform.

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