Phil Spencer Suggests That Sony Consider Launching Helldivers II For The Xbox Platform

  • 17-02-2024 |
  • Kyle Robinson
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Yesterday marked a significant moment as Microsoft unveiled its strategic vision for Xbox's future, which notably involves expanding several game titles to multiple platforms. However, it seems unlikely that this strategy will prompt reciprocal actions from Nintendo or Sony in terms of releasing their exclusive titles on the Xbox platform.

In a discussion highlighted in Stephen Totilo's newsletter, Xbox head Phil Spencer articulated that the decision to diversify platform offerings isn't part of a swap deal. "This isn't about exchanging favors. We're taking this step because it aligns with Xbox's business objectives," Spencer stated. Nevertheless, he believes it would be advantageous for those companies to consider Xbox as a platform for their games. Citing Helldivers II as an example, he commended the team for its successful launch on PC and PlayStation but questioned the industry benefit of the game’s absence on Xbox: "It's hard to see who benefits from its exclusion—other than, perhaps, a hypothetical argument that this could be good for someone somewhere."

Helldivers II has achieved remarkable success, a feat undoubtedly aided by Sony's unprecedented move of launching the title on both PlayStation 5 and PC, registering it as Sony's most successful Steam release to date. Introducing the game to another platform like Xbox could potentially amplify its success, although the extent of the impact remains a matter of conjecture.

Spencer also acknowledges the importance of exclusives, affirming that Microsoft intends to uphold this tradition: "There's a historical precedent in console gaming for exclusivity, which benefits us when we release games that aren't available elsewhere. We're engaged in the same practices."

Considering the current gaming landscape, would it be a wise move for Sony to consider releasing a multiplayer live-service game such as Helldivers II on Xbox, in addition to PC and PlayStation platforms?

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