OlliOlli World Void Riders Review: Skateboarding Among the Stars

  • 06-06-2024 |
  • Harper Lee
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Skateboarding reaches new heights in the latest expansion from Roll7's ever-charismatic and brightly colored side-scrolling platformer. In this continuation, players are treated to an engaging blend of familiar challenges and fresh elements, maintaining the series' signature sense of momentum and style. "OlliOlli World: Void Riders" serves as an intriguing extension, adding depth to the whimsical universe of Radlandia while introducing players to the quirky antics of extraterrestrial visitors.

This review delves into what makes the expansion both a thrilling addition for veterans of the skateboarding genre and a delightful continuation for those enchanted by the world of OlliOlli.

Introduction to Void Riders

OlliOlli World sets the stage in Radlandia, a paradise for skateboard enthusiasts, dotted with diverse landscapes from bustling cities to serene forests. The base game challenges players to achieve skateboarding enlightenment, aspiring to unlock the mythical status of a "skate wizard." "Void Riders" seamlessly integrates into this vibrant world as a side narrative, focusing on a desert area known as Burntrock.

Here, the game hints at an alien presence, which becomes fully realized in the DLC. Players aid these extraterrestrial beings in their quirky mission to abduct local fauna, adding a delightful twist to the established gameplay.

Void Riders gameplay

The Story and Characters

While the main narrative of OlliOlli World focuses on the player's journey through Radlandia, "Void Riders" shifts the spotlight to a trio of aliens and their formidable leader, Nebulord. This narrative diversion explores new territories within the game's existing biomes, infusing the skateboarding adventure with a fresh, humorous perspective. The interaction with these characters, framed by their amusing misinterpretations of humanity, enriches the game's already vibrant world, providing players with a laugh and a challenge as they navigate the newly added courses.

Exploring New Territories

"Void Riders" introduces 18 new courses, expanding the game's universe while maintaining a familiar feel. These levels, set across different biomes, offer a variety of challenges that test players' ability to adapt and excel. From the frost-draped hills of Cloverbrook to the deserted excavations of Burnt C, every track adds a distinct essence to the sport. Additionally, the expansion does not discourage rewarding players' efforts, offering a slew of space-themed cosmetic items to customize their skateboarding avatars.

New Gameplay Mechanics: The Alien Tractor Beam

Extraterrestrial tractor beams from UFOs scattered throughout the courses introduce a noteworthy enhancement to the game mechanics. These beams add a dynamic layer to the skateboarding experience. Players must master the timing and execution of jumps and tricks with an added vertical element, as grind rails and platforms may suddenly shift positions due to the tractor beams. This invention infuses a rejuvenating alteration into the game's well-known dynamics, prompting participants to reconsider their strategy for maneuvering through levels.

OlliOlli World Void Riders game

Challenges and Rewards

Despite the generally positive incorporation of alien tractor beams into the gameplay, some players might find these elements occasionally disruptive to the flow of a level. The precision required to effectively use grabs, essential for interacting with the tractor beams, can sometimes interrupt the game's otherwise smooth pacing.

However, mastering these new challenges becomes integral to the expansion's appeal, offering a satisfying sense of achievement upon successfully navigating through the tricky beam-infused courses.

Conclusion: A Worthy Expansion

"OlliOlli World: Void Riders" enhances the skateboarding category by seamlessly integrating classic elements with fresh, innovative features, offering a delightful and thrilling adventure for franchise enthusiasts. Although the expansion does not revolutionize the game's formula, it introduces enough new elements to feel fresh and engaging.

"Void Riders" emerges as a noteworthy expansion to the OlliOlli universe, with its ingeniously crafted tracks, charming fresh personas, and engaging gameplay innovations. It beckons enthusiasts to immerse once again in an adrenaline-fueled journey across Radlandia's most peculiar and captivating landscapes.

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