New Google Maps Update Before Holiday Season

  • 18-11-2021 |
  • Harper Lee
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The holiday season is coming up, and Google is adding some new handy tools to one of its most useful applications. In its official blog, Google announced an update for Google Maps with a wide range of features that will assist check traffic in different parts of the city. This update aims to help a massive amount of users stay safe, plan their route, and have a great holiday.

New Area Busyness Feature

Google Maps has a new feature called 'Area Busyness' that shows the popular and busy areas and perfectly combines with the tab 'Directory.' This tab contains information about shops and amenities in such popular places as shopping centers or airports. Google Maps also updates information about restaurants and shops by extending the grocery pickup tracking feature.

The world still has many restrictions related to the pandemic, so many people are agitated, but at the same time, concerned because Covid-19 is still in the game. Area Busyness extends the app’s information about transportation and the popularity of shopping grounds. This function can help avoid too large crowds and protect its users. According to Google, this feature will be available for all Android and iOS platform users.

Safety First and Old Features Updates

Other features have received quality updates, such as the Directory tab, which is now available for public transport stops and any airports around the world. For airports, it will be possible to view waiting rooms, parking lots, and other important places. Restaurant service reviews are also filled with more detailed information, as well as the grocery pickup feature.

At times like these, it's especially important to take care of your safety, so Google Maps takes care of traffic and also for the delivery of goods that you can easily track. What do you think about this update? Will you check new features before the holidays? Feel free to leave your comments below, and share the article with your friends and family!

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