Meta Extends if Ray-Ban Stories Collaboration

  • 21-03-2022 |
  • Harper Lee
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The former Facebook company, Meta is trying hard to entertain the audience in all possible ways. Right now it introduces Ray-Ban Stories to the 4 different markets. Apart from that, the company reveals two new features for users. Meta offers glasses with cameras around the world.

Ray-Ban is not the AR glasses you were waiting for, and maybe far from being the most equipped gadgets, but Meta knows how to use it. It looks like users accept the new collaboration. Keeping this in mind, Meta revealed the four more regions to join the program.

Meta has recently shared the post with its users, announcing that they are rolling out a new service. It is called Ray-Ban Stories. Ray-Ban Stories are smart glasses created in collaboration with EssilorLuxottica. Now they are available in four new regions. These glasses cost 329 euros in Europe. They are available both in retail stores and online. You can buy them in Belgium, Austria, and Spain starting from March 17. On April 14, they will be available in France.

In September 2021, Meta made an official announcement about Ray-Ban Stories. They revealed their plans to implement the multi-camera feature inside, so users could easily record everything they see. To start recording, you need to tap the specific button on the arm. If you noticed similarities with Spectacles released by Snapchat in 2016, you are right. While it has similar purposes, new glasses are more stylish, signed by the famous Ray-Ban brand, and granted with overflowing ambitions from Meta. Apart from that, Ray-Ban Stories will be able to record better audio and listen to your voice commands. Users will be able to call each other via the glasses, check Messenger, and exchange messages with each other.

Are you excited about Ray-Ban Stories? Do you want to try new glasses? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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