Mastering Strength in Sons of the Forest: A Survivor's Handbook

  • 18-03-2024 |
  • Matthew Garcia
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After an extensive early access period, the Sons of the Forest 1.0 update brought players a terrifying horror experience. Players once again find themselves stranded on an island with cannibals and mutants. They must survive against nature and relentless enemy attacks while searching for a way to escape the island. Survival is a massive part of the gameplay, but there will be plenty of moments where players are forced to engage in combat.

Becoming a Formidable Opponent: Your Path to Greater Strength

Becoming a Formidable Opponent Your Path to Greater Strength

The longer players are in the forest, the more hostile the mutants and cannibals become. Ammo and explosives are the most effective ways to defend against them, but they are a scarce resource. Players can use various weapons, such as a guitar and golf club, to name a couple, to fight enemies hand-to-hand. They can boost melee damage output and chopping speed by increasing their Strength stat. Strength is affected by several things, so here are the best ways to improve it in Sons of the Forest.

The Five Fundamentals of Fortitude

Strength tops out at level 50, affects overall health, and boosts melee damage and chopping speed by 1%. Over time, Strength will increase as players complete physical actions such as swinging a spear, chopping down trees, running, climbing, and combat interactions. For instance, players will reach Strength level 2 by swinging an axe 100 times in Sons of the Forest.

Log Lifting: A Surprisingly Effective Method

Another good way to get Strength is to pick up logs. Carrying them has no effect, but repeatedly dropping the logs and picking them back up is a quick way to increase Strength. By level 50, players will have double the amount of health and deal up to 50% more melee damage.

Nutritional Boost: Cooking Up Strength

Nutritional Boost Cooking Up Strength

Players can also temporarily boost their Strength by eating cooked meals. Cooked meals are made using a Cooking Pot, raw ingredients, and a small fire. Eating something like Boiled Meat, a simple recipe made from water and cuts of meat, refills Hunger, Thirst, and Health. Additionally, a yellow Strength bar appears for a temporary amount of time, representing a Strength bonus that boosts chopping speed.

Keeping an Eye on Your Health Dial

Sons of the Forest players have eight stats that affect their attributes and skills. Hunger, Thirst, Rest, and Stamina are health-focused stats that players must maintain to survive. Strength and Stealth are skill-based stats that increase over time. Players can track Strength gain by watching the flexing arm symbol on their health dial. Whenever the red bars fill, they reveal their current Strength level.

Wrapping Up Your Quest for Power

In your harrowing quest for survival on the cannibal-infested island, bolstering your Strength is essential. These strategies – from combat practice to resourceful cooking – help ensure that when faced with the ferocity of the wilderness, you are not found wanting. Keep honing your skills, stay vigilant, and, with time, become the apex survivor of the sinister forest that once seemed an insurmountable adversary.

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