Lost Track Unearthed: The Untold Story of the Unreleased Crash vs Spyro Racing Game

  • 25-09-2023 |
  • Matthew Garcia
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Imagine discovering a treasure that was lost in time. Well, for fans of the iconic video game characters Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, that's exactly what happened. A YouTuber known as Modern Vintage Gamer (MVG) has stumbled upon a gem from the past: an unreleased racing game featuring the two beloved characters, developed for the original Xbox by the now-defunct Argonaut studio in the early 2000s. This exciting find offers a tantalizing glimpse into a crossover that never saw the light of day.

The game was discovered hidden on a hard drive from a development kit containing two Eutechnyx games. MVG unearthed a mysterious third title, intriguingly called "LT Demo", which turned out to be the long-lost Crash vs Spyro Racing. Although the game is unfinished and currently only features two generic racers, MVG has generously shared the files, allowing fans to experience this unfinished piece of gaming history on an emulator.

As MVG delved deeper into the game, he discovered clear indications of its origins. From crates bearing a distinct resemblance to those from Crash Bandicoot to an intro cinematic showing characters from both franchises ready to hit the racetrack, the unfinished game clearly intended to pit these two iconic characters against each other in a racing showdown. It's a tantalizing peek at what could have been a thrilling racing experience.

The discovery gains even more significance when we consider the historical context. Naughty Dog, the original creator of Crash Bandicoot, had previously released a Mario Kart-like game, Crash Team Racing, in 1999. Spyro, despite his popularity, never got a racing game of his own. However, a glimmer of this canceled crossover came to life in 2019 when a Spyro and Friends DLC was released for the remake of Crash Team Racing. This DLC now holds a special place in gaming history, as it realized a vision that was, until now, mostly unknown and unconfirmed.

In conclusion, the discovery of this unfinished Crash vs Spyro Racing game provides a fascinating insight into the gaming history. It's a testament to the enduring popularity of these characters and the racing genre. While it's unfortunate that the game never made it to the finishing line, thanks to MVG, fans can now get a taste of this hidden chapter in gaming history. As for the mystery of the name "LT Demo", it turns out that LT Studios, a subsidiary of Argonaut Games, was behind the development of this gem, validating the claims made by a user on an Italian website back in 2021. Through this exciting find, we've been given a glimpse into an alternate gaming universe where Crash and Spyro face off on the racetrack, a concept we can now only dream about.

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