Legendary Return of Chronological Feed on Instagram

  • 30-03-2022 |
  • Harper Lee
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While many users are happy to see the chronological feedback on Instagram, it looks like there is an issue there. You can’t simply set it by default. Experts are unsure whether the feed’s new/old feature is temporal or permanent.

The algorithmic feed is the new black for every social network. While users are still unsure of the benefits they receive from it, this is a new reality. It looks like Instagram and Facebook both decided to change the feed algorithm. Meanwhile, Twitter still offers both options. You can try the “Latest Tweets” there, making Twitter the one social network with a chronological feed we used to so much. Well, not anymore, since Instagram brings back the comfortable version. Yet, it comes with a catch.

Instagram officials say that you can switch one feed to another at the very beginning. You have to tap the logo once you open the app. Press it and you will be able to change the order, from the default, which is algorithmic to chronological. The chronological order is named the Following. The algorithmic order is named Favorites and you can select all your favorite accounts to be revealed in the first place. Users who picked Favorites can choose up to 50 accounts to see in the feed.

While the algorithmic feed is set by default there, you can’t choose chronological to be the option by default as well. Basically, every time you want to see the feed in chronological order, you have to open the app again and repeat the procedure described above. Once you choose chronological order, you can enjoy it until you close the app. The company says they don’t want to bring back chronological feed for good since the vast majority of users enjoy the algorithmic sorting.

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