Instagram Tracks Users with In-App Browser

  • 19-08-2022 |
  • Matthew Garcia
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According to the recent report from Meta, Instagram can now track the behavior and data of users. It gets access to the information via the in-app browser. The new update that came on Instagram has the injected java code inside that allows the popular social network to watch for its users.

The new update helps Instagram to check out every interaction of a particular user. It includes the passwords, taps, addresses, screenshots, and text selections. This data is gathered from the interaction of users via the external websites that you access with the in-app browser. It looks more like a report. The app brings the new code on JavaScript to the website. It is activated whenever you click on ads or anything on the third-party websites entered via Instagram. This way, the company tracks interactions that users have through the platform. According to Meta, this update helps it to check for the new trends, aggregate the events, and provide the App Tracking Transparency for users.

The news was revealed by Felix Krause, the owner of Fastlane, the open source platform that simplifies deployment for iOS and Android. Krause says that Instagram has already injected the code into every website on their platform, including the stores' websites sharing ads via links. When the user taps the link to another website from Instagram, the company allows opening this window with the page you need inside the in-app browser. It is not opened in the browser by default on your device. Instagram keeps tracking your activity this way.

Moreover, Instagram puts its code on every website you enter using the social network. You may try the App Tracking Transparency feature on the iOS platform if you want to select those websites you want to grant permission to track the data.

What do you think about the new feature from Instagram? Do you believe it will help users to receive high-quality information? Express your opinion in the comments below.


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