Horizon Home Coming to Quest Owners

  • 26-06-2022 |
  • Matthew Garcia
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Meta has been quite the topic recently, and now users are presented with the new feature Horizon Home for the Quest platform. Take your chance to meet your friends in the virtual world without worrying about deciding on a destination place or specific time. Many opportunities await us in the metaverse, and its expansion is only a question of time.

Such VR meet-ups can become a new way of finding friends or spending time with your close ones. For now, Horizon Home is available only for Quest users, but soon enough, more platforms will join the setting. Your “home” can be fully customizable, as it Is the first thing you see when connecting to the headset. Owners of different headsets can gain access to the platform soon and find out all the details.

Previously, it was a place only for the owner, but now through invitation, you can hang out with your friends and families, enjoy fun activities like playing multiplayer games, casually talking, or even watching a movie on the virtual theater screen.

Unfortunately, not all platforms support this feature: as of now, it is mainly Oculus TV. Don’t worry because Hulu, Netflix, and other services are looking forward to adding their apps for shared viewing too. Nevertheless, through Oculus TV, you can explore immersive VR activities like looking at a professional mountain climber at work or even joining the International Space Station. It is certainly not something you can easily try to do in real life.

Of course, there are many functions that wait to be added. Certain features will come out gradually as Horizon Home gains more followers and experience. You should note that the launch can be postponed for a day or two for your platform.

What will your Horizon Home look like? What do you want to do with your friends in VR? Please, share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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