Guide: Where to find Spider-Man Web starters in Fortnite

  • Harper Lee
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In the first season of the third chapter, along with the Spider-Man costume, a new legendary item appeared in Fortnite — "Spider-Man Web Starters." It looks like gloves and allows you to move very quickly between buildings and trees on the web — however, you probably already have a good idea of how it works.

We tell you where you can find these gloves.

Where to find Spider-Man Gloves

You can find the web starters at 11 points on the map (see below). Most of Peter Parker's backpacks, where the gloves will lie, are located on the territory of the Daily Bugle editorial office (which is logical because this is a building from a story about a friendly neighbor).

fortnite game map

In addition, like many other items, web starters can be found on the map or picked up from a defeated enemy. But in fact, it is quite possible to stumble upon them yourself during marches on the map, the main thing is to know what to focus on. If you see a spider web nearby, then this is a sure sign that you are on the right track — gloves are somewhere nearby.

Peter Parker's backpack is always attached by a web to some vertical surface that is just above the ground: to a rock, to a tree, to a wall. Look for something similar near the web.

fortnite spiderman backpack

After finding a backpack, interact with it as with a regular container. Gloves fall out with a probability of 90%.

There are two versions of gloves. In one, there are only 80 charges of the web, in the other, there are endless charges.

That's all. Have fun!

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