Guide About The Genshin Impact Character Bai Zhu: The Best Build, Skills, And Elements

  • Matthew Garcia
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Bai Zhu is a five—star playable character of Genshin Impact, occupying the S position in the hero rating. Zhu wields Dendro elements and catalysts in battle. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Bai Zhu and take into account before starting the game. We collected data on the best hero assembly, useful artifacts, and effective weapons.

Steps to Obtain Bai Zhu in Genshin Impact

Bai Zhu appeared in Genshin Impact on May 2, 2023, along with the release of the second patch update, “3.6". The character can be placed at the player's disposal only when a special Prayer is activated – the banner “The Beating of the Wise Heart,” the action of which ended on May 23, 2023. However, there is a good chance that the developers of Genshin Impact will remember the hero again in the near future, but players will have to be patient while waiting for the reappearance of the Bai Zhu banner.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bai Zhu

Bai Zhu in Genshin Impact game

Bai Zhu is the owner of the Bubu Hut in the Li Yue region and is engaged in medical practice. The healer Bai Zhu creates healing potions and helps the residents of the region. This five-star legendary character has the abilities of the Dendro element and wields the catalyst "Splendor of the Azure Vault." Together with the hero, you can always meet a white snake named Chang She, sitting on his shoulders and wrapping around his neck. The snake helps the hero create medicines and serves as an interesting detail in the image.

The main advantages of Bai Zhu:

  • Undemanding in pumping, weapons, and artifacts.

  • The hero is useful in detachments as a support character.

  • He shows himself well as a support hero who is able to heal allies activate.

  • Perfect for beginner players.

The main disadvantages of Bai Zhu:

  • Low base attack rates.

  • The use of an explosion of the elements provokes a long replenishment of energy.

  • It requires pumping constellations; otherwise, it will not be useful in activating the Dendro status.

  • The elemental technique requires a large recharge.

Bai Zhu's abilities: basic skills and abilities

Genshin Impact game

Bai Zhu will show all his effectiveness in battle when activating reactions with allies. He heals the squad members and activates the protective shield. Below, we talk about all the abilities of the hero.

Universal diagnostics

The hero directs a small spirit at the nearest opponents, which deals damage to the Dendro. With three successful techniques or the absence of opponents, the spirit will be able to replenish the health of all members of the squad. Healing rates depend on the levels of Bai Zhu's maximum health.

Classic acupuncture

A standard attack that allows the player to carry out four Dendro strikes with the element. The charged option will reduce a certain amount of stamina, but it will cause damage in a small radius in front of it. During the attack, Bai Zhu flies to the ground, simultaneously injuring all wounded opponents in the air, while landing causes small damage to enemies that are in the fall radius.

The eternal cycle of the elements

An ability that allows you to get an additional effect from the current state of the hero's health. If the mark of the health scale is below 50%, then a 20% healing bonus appears. If the health indicators are 50% or higher, then the hero's Dendro damage increases by 25%.

Holistic Recovery

The explosion of the elements activates a Seamless Shield and Pulsating Rage. The first one uses Dendro damage 250% better. Every 2.5 seconds, the hero re-forms a shield and, at the same time, increases the health indicators of the current squad member (depending on the maximum value). By creating a Seamless Shield, Bai Zhu also deals Dendro damage to opponents.

The use of herbs

The discovered items will be able to replenish the health of the current hero by 2.5% of the maximum health of Bai Zhu.

Everything is born of the earth

When treating the effects of the Seamless Shield, squad members receive a “Year of Green Benevolence” – a bonus that increases the damage from the reactions of characters for every 1000 units of the maximum health index of Bai Zhu. By 0.8% for Overgrowth and Exacerbation, by 2% for Budding, Flowering, Vegetation and Gorenje. No more than 50,000 health units are used for strengthening.



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