Guide: 5 Hidden Mechanics In Elden Ring

  • Kyle Robinson
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All creations by FromSoftware are characterized by hidden mechanics that are not readily noticeable to players. Elven Ring is no outlier in this aspect, with "secrets" ranging from simple yet intriguing features like newly found destructible walls to major game-changing elements.

While some may dismiss these minor game-related secrets as insignificant, even the tiniest detail can be a lifesaver in such a difficult game, making information a critical weapon. We are here to equip you with this weapon.

Weather Affects Spell Damage

Elden Ring fire damage

Correct, it's similar to what we see in Genshin Impact or Magicka. During the rain, the effectiveness of fire spells decreases by 10%, and electric spells increase by the same 10%. Naturally, this isn't a significant amount, but it can be to your advantage in long boss battles.

Electric Attacks Are Reflected From The Water

Elden Ring water art

This characteristic has the potential to be both advantageous and distressing, depending on the individual who conjured the spell. All lightning striking the water generates additional harm, emanating in circles from the point of the spell's contact. These circles only spread over a few meters, making them effective against a small grouping of closely situated foes.

Despite the fact that the circles on the water that your spell launched will not be able to hit you, watch out for enemy attacks — just the same, they can additionally harm you with the help of such additional waves.

Invulnerability During Mount Saddling

Elden Ring game art

If it is understood by everyone that rifts offer momentary invulnerability to players, then it is not universally known that the horse's call offers similar brief invulnerability. This occurs when your character gets on a steed - during this brief animation, you are shielded from potentially fatal blows for a few frames. Do not hesitate to utilize this shield during boss battles.

Large Enemies Deal Damage To Their Own

Elden Ring game boss

Creatures like trolls, giant crabs, and dragons are as much a threat to their own companions as they are to you. The likelihood of them causing harm indiscriminately is not left to chance; it is influenced by their size. Notably, those that exceed roughly two and a half meters in height have a tendency to inflict damage on everything in their vicinity, including creatures of similar stature. You face equal danger from these beings as their allies do.

Use this: you can simply turn circles on the horse so that the opponents who are angry at you deal damage to each other. Surely, they won't deliberately strike each other, but any easily inflicted damage is still damage.

Golden Leaves Will Help To Farm Runes

Elden Ring golden tree

During the evening, fortune may favor certain players who witness the unique spectacle of golden leaf fall. This is not merely a captivating sight - it also signifies that the player has been bestowed with a blessing. This blessing subtly enhances the rate at which runes drop from vanquished foes. The effect works while the leaf fall continues.

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