Google Wants Your Feedback about the Revamped Translate App

  • 07-02-2022 |
  • Matthew Garcia
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While Google revamps most of its visual solutions slowly and accurately (like YouTube Music’s Add to Playlist or Chrome logo), one app has been redesigned radically this year, and it’s Google Translate. The Material You design is impressive, and the performance is great. Still, Google wants to know how its users feel about the change.

It wasn’t that much of a matter while the new design was exclusive to Pixel phones. But now it starts to appear on other smartphones, and not only ones by major brands like Samsung or Motorola, but on those from smaller manufacturers too. It shows up on smartphones running Android 11 and even Android 10. Thus the audience changes: Pixel users are more loyal to Google, whatever it does, and those buying phones by Samsung or Sony don’t share this loyalty. So, Google wants to know how a wider audience embraces the redesigned Translate.

Functionally, nothing seems to have changed. The translation works as normal, offering suggestions while you type the original text. It still supports dictation and language swap, as well as still uses English as the intermediary between third languages. All the changes are about design only.

There can be more to this change than it seems, though. If Google Translate can be redesigned like this, why other apps can’t? It’s hard to imagine such a reduction with Google Maps, but Google Docs apps or Google News can get a new look again, even more minimalistic than that. In the end, on larger screens, and with fewer menu elements, working with texts on mobile devices gets almost as easy as on computers.

That’s why Google pays so much attention to feedback. It encourages its users to remain their comments on their official support page. And if you decide to help Google and write what you think about the new Translate app, you can also share it here with comments, so our readers know what you think.

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