Fortnite Rumor: D3NNI's Second Concept Skin Coming Soon, Reveals Data Miner

  • 05-07-2023 |
  • Kyle Robinson
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Renowned Fortnite content creator D3NNI is rumored to get another of his skin concepts incorporated into the game, suggesting a recent leak from the Summer Escape 2023 cosmetics. The information was shared by prominent Fortnite data miner and fellow content creator ShiinaBR on Twitter, who speculated that one of the free rewards of the Summer Escape event is inspired by D3NNI's Monki concept. It's worth noting that this revelation arrived shortly after D3NNI's concept was included as the July 2023 Crew Pack.

D3NNI's Monki concept skin appears to have a striking resemblance to the free reward item from the Summer Escape event, as highlighted by ShiinaBR. While the direct correlation between the two is yet to be confirmed, the similarity is hard to dismiss as mere coincidence. It's not uncommon for Epic Games to integrate creator concepts into Fortnite. However, D3NNI's case has garnered particular interest given the recent addition of his Breezabelle variant of the Isabelle skin as part of the July 2023 Crew Pack.

The Monki concept skin, with its charming monkey design, seems to have won over fans. The design draws clear inspiration from the popular humanoid banana character, Peely. It's unclear whether the Monki skin will be added to the game in the near future, but fans are hopeful.

Adding to the speculation, another data miner iFireMonkey, claimed that the tagged coconut emotes from the leaked rewards align with the back bling, providing further evidence that D3NNI's Monki skin may be on the horizon. According to iFireMonkey, the skin will come complete with a pickaxe and glider, making for a full set.

In conclusion, while there's no official confirmation yet, data-mined leaks and fan speculation seems to point toward the imminent arrival of D3NNI's second skin concept in Fortnite. If the rumors are to be believed, the Monki skin, complete with a pickaxe and glider, may soon be available for players. As always, fans are excitedly awaiting more information and hoping for the best. With D3NNI's previous design being well-received, it's safe to say that the potential addition of another inventive concept will further enrich the Fortnite experience for players.

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