Former Mayor Pleads Guilty to Shooting at Pokemon Go Players Outside Food Bank

  • 17-01-2023 |
  • Matthew Garcia
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Ida Reams, the former Mayor of Osceola Mills, Pennsylvania, was to be sentenced on January 10, 2023, for firing several shots at two Pokemon Go players in early 2022. However, the sentencing was delayed as Judge Fredric J. Ammerman wanted to take a closer look at the case involving a “potentially dangerous situation.”

According to a report from The Progress, Reams plead guilty to a single count of Terroristic Threatening and two counts of Reckless Endangerment of another person. Reams said she had been playing Pokemon Go with her grandson when he noticed two people in the parking lot of a local food bank. Reams said she felt threatened by their presence and fired several shots.

No one was injured, and the two people in the parking lot left the area. Reams was nearly sentenced to a minimum of seven days and a maximum of one year in Clearfield County Jail before Judge Ammerman delayed the sentencing.

Judge Ammerman stated that he wanted to take a closer look at the case to ensure the safety of everyone involved and to ensure that Reams does not face a harsher punishment than necessary. He also suggested that Reams would be better served if she sought counseling.

Reams will be sentenced at a later date, and it is unclear what the outcome of the case will be. It is possible that Reams could face jail time or probation, as well as other penalties. It is also possible that she could be released with no further punishment.

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