Fallout 4 Topped The UK Sales Charts As The Most Popular Video Game In April

  • 10-05-2024 |
  • Matthew Garcia
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To articulate that the entire Fallout realm has reaped the rewards following the introduction of Prime Video's adaptation of the series would be an understatement. Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 have surged to player engagement levels not witnessed in years, if ever, with physical editions of Fallout 4 vanishing from retail outlets at such a rapid pace you might have mistaken it for an entirely fresh release from Bethesda rather than. A beloved fan-favorite is approaching its ten-year anniversary since it was first unveiled to the public. If you suspect this assessment might be an embellishment, the latest UK sales figures from April 2024 corroborate the impact quite definitively.

GamesIndustry.biz has shared that Fallout 4 claimed the title of the UK's top-selling game for the past month. It outranked titles such as EA Sports FC 24, Helldivers II, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Grand Theft Auto V, Hogwarts Legacy, and Red Dead Redemption 2. The top ten rankings were graced by two additional entries from the Fallout series, with Fallout: New Vegas securing eighth place and Fallout 76 taking ninth, while Fallout 3 narrowly missed the top ten, securing the eleventh position right after WWE 2K24.

It is noteworthy that since this information encompasses both physical and digital sales data, Nintendo titles are absent from the list, given the company's general practice of not disclosing such metrics. This absence is particularly meaningful considering the typically consistent presence of titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on these charts.

Furthermore, the report highlights a downturn in sales figures compared to April 2023, with an overall 7% decline in game sales and a steep 30% reduction in console and hardware sales for the year, including a 25% decrease for both PS5 and Xbox Series, and a significant 38% dip for Nintendo Switch sales – likely influenced, in part, by a scarcity of new releases for the Switch platform.

Are you taken aback by the commercial triumph of Fallout 4?

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