Bethesda's Starfield DLSS 3 Beta Update Delivers Promised Game Improvements on Steam

  • 08-11-2023 |
  • Kyle Robinson
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Bethesda Game Studios has stayed true to its promise, releasing the beta version 1.8.83 update for Starfield DLSS 3 on Steam. Players must manually opt-in to access these updates by navigating through their library and choosing Beta options. However, the beta version requires a separate installation, and although existing saves will carry over, new saves will be incompatible under the update until it officially rolls out later this month.

The update is packed with numerous features, such as DLSS Super Resolution, NVIDIA Reflex, and Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing (DLAA). In addition, Frame Generation, a component of DLSS, is introduced with a helpful hint that players should keep VSync toggled off while it is in operation for maximum benefit, a setting that will be automated in upcoming updates.

The software developers ensured that this update also brings several performance optimization tweaks on the CPUs and GPU processors. It provides users with a feature to adjust the brightness settings according to their preference, even the High Dynamic Range (HDR), depending on system compatibility. It has made eating food around the gaming world simpler and sneak mode a little less challenging. The update also integrates a wave of bug fixes, which can be reviewed in the official changelog.

As part of the performance and stability enhancement, several memory-related issues have been addressed, and GPU performance has been optimized. Among other rectifications are the refined renderer threading model, which contributes to CPU usage, especially in higher-end systems, and general performance improvements.

For the gameplay experience, the update has fixed several issues ranging from glitches in character appearances to difficulties in operating the weapons or accessing inventory. Some visual glitches have been corrected, while the overall quality of the visual elements, like ambient occlusion, shadows, and vegetation have been enhanced.

Fans can keep in mind that Starfield DLSS 3 mods have been up for downloads since September from creators PureDark and LukeFZ. These mods, however, were not entirely stable and often resulted in players’ game crashes. With the official incorporation of these features, the related stability issues are expected to be resolved.

It has also been hinted that Bethesda will implement support for AMD's FSR 3 in the future, though no specific date has been announced.

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