Apex Legends Features a Hidden Assassin's Creed Easter Egg

  • 11-05-2023 |
  • Kyle Robinson
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It is not uncommon for game developers to include hidden references or "Easter eggs" in their creations, and the team behind Apex Legends has taken this tradition to a new level. They have cleverly embedded an Assassin's Creed-themed Easter egg in the game's firing range, bringing a touch of Ubisoft's iconic franchise into their own gaming world. This feature was recently discovered by Twitter user evefps, who shared their findings with the community.

The Easter egg can be found in the northeastern part of the map, where players will notice a hill with a red flag on top. Making their way to this location and sitting on top of the flag for a few seconds will trigger an unexpected event - the "synchronization" of the range. This is a clear homage to the synchronization mechanic that has become synonymous with Assassin's Creed games, where players must synchronize viewpoints in order to reveal portions of the map.

The inclusion of this cheeky reference showcases not only the creativity and sense of humor of Apex Legends' developers but also demonstrates their appreciation for other successful titles in the gaming industry. It is unclear if there are any other hidden features or references within Apex Legends, but this discovery has certainly piqued players' curiosity and interest.

Easter eggs like this one serve as enjoyable surprises for dedicated gamers, offering them unexpected rewards for exploring every nook and cranny of their favorite games. The fact that these hidden gems often pay tribute to other titles helps strengthen bonds within gaming communities, fostering camaraderie among fans of different franchises.

In conclusion, Apex Legends' clever integration of an Assassin's Creed-themed Easter egg is a delightful nod to Ubisoft's popular franchise and serves as yet another example of how developers can pay homage to other beloved games. As players continue to explore Apex Legends' expansive world, who knows what other secrets they may uncover?

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