Angry Birds Classic Is Back on Stores: Rovio Brings Back Our 2012

  • 06-04-2022 |
  • Kyle Robinson
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One of the most iconic mobile games of all times – Angry Birds – is returning to App Store and Google Play after years after its removal. Its numerous sequels and spinoffs did not shadow the fame of the first installment. So, in response to the fans’ demand, Rovio reminds the players how it started, bringing the original flavor back!

Angry Birds took the gaming community by surprise back in 2009, soon after touchscreen smartphones become a thing for mass audience rather than a small number of geeks. The physical puzzle with unique touch controls and a story so bizarre that it’s irresistible has become a household name, giving birth to numerous crossovers (including that with Star Wars), a TV series and two movies. So its removal from the stores in 2019 raised a wave of disturbance among players which had to be addressed.

To respond to the numerous requests, Rovio did more than just returned the game. Indeed, the developer rebuilt the game from scratch, on a new engine. Visuals have also been updated, so the game that was developed for iPhone 3G looks equally great on iPhone 13, the same being true for Android. The updated game will also surely have no issues with compatibility with the latest devices.

It’s not for free, though. The updated game is available for $0.99 on each platform. For this moderate price, you get all the content that the updated game has: you have access to 8 worlds and almost 400 levels without extra payments and without ads. The discontinued game had more content: 15 worlds and almost 700 levels, but it isn’t much of an issue, given that extra content can be added later.

Have you already tried the old new Angry Birds? Did it look and feel as great as it was in 2012? What about visuals and performance? If you have something to tell us about it, welcome to the comments!

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