Alexa Can Now Tell Netflix to ‘Play Something’

  • 16-11-2021 |
  • Harper Lee
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Netflix viewers have been actively using the ‘Play Something’ feature, which allows finding suitable recommendations, since April of this year. With a single button, viewers can avoid the fatigue of making decisions and watch what can satisfy their tastes. Now, it’s even easier because users can ask Alexa to choose the content according to their interests.

Alexa Makes Your Search Easier

Now, the ‘Play Something’ feature, popular with Alexa, can be used by US and Canadian clients with Fire TV connected and an active Netflix subscription. So far, only these regions can test a new feature. Users can make a voice request ‘Alexa, Play Something on Netflix’ so that AI can pick up a movie, TV series, or show that they are more likely to end up watching.

This feature is rolling out in several regions via the Alexa Voice remote control, so from now, you do not need to have a special app or Echo speaker to use it. Over the last year, the number of Fire TV clients who used voice control was almost twice as many as those who did not use it, stated Charlotte Maines, the Director of Fire TV.

Netflix Updates

The shuffle feature was first presented on TV gadgets in April, and it looks like the ‘Play Anything’ button. When it finally hit Android in October, a Netflix spokesperson informed that iOS testing would begin in the coming months. Netflix tries to fully develop and quickly add convenient features and new compatibility with applications to the service.

This function can be considered useful and relevant for a comfortable pastime. Although Alexa has successfully collaborated with Netflix, compatibility with other devices might appear in the future. A poster named ‘Available first on Fire TV’ gives certain hints to it. What do you think about this collaboration? Do you use any voice assistants? Leave your comments below, and share the article if you liked it!

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