Additions to Google Meet Make It Easier

  • 24-06-2022 |
  • Matthew Garcia
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Google Meet is one of the most popular platforms for online calls, especially with your coworkers, or for educational purposes. Right now, Google is ready to launch some new features that can help many users around the world while using Chrome.

The most important of them is getting picture-in-picture mode for up to four attendants on the screen. You can see the apps you’ve opened on the screen along with video tiles of your students or friends. This feature makes it easier to keep all of the needed windows open while maintaining the dialogue with several people. You can access it through the little three dots near the “Leave the meeting” button.

In addition, users will be allowed to pin several videos at once. That way, you can sort out the attendants that need the most attention. Of course, the updates are coming to Google Chrome for now. The company has stated that it is looking forward to making Google Meet more accessible for its users.

These new updates came out on June 16, and you can easily see them through your personal Google Account, Google Workspace, or Business profile. In addition, there were released several features for education. Those professors that are subscribed to Google Workspace in Education Plus and Teaching and Learning plans can now use different polls and Q&A options.

Such features bring out the importance of online meeting platforms. They are evolving to perform better in the surrounding environment. Many schools, universities, and offices have moved to online programs, as it is easier to maintain the working process through several apps. Google Meet will keep on expanding its set of features to widen the range of its usage. 

Do you often use Google Meet? Can these features be useful to you? Please, share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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