5 Facebook Profiles for 1 Master Account: Experiments on the Way

  • 27-07-2022 |
  • Kyle Robinson
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Previously, if you wanted to publish something meaningful on Facebook, you could feel discouraged by the thought that everyone would have access to this news, including your parents, grandparents, exes, long-lost school friends, and the like. It was more than enough to scare off even the most dedicated users to share important events in their Facebook history. Luckily, the tech giant is currently working hard to come up with a handy solution for users.

Imagine that you have different Facebook identities, accompanied by separate profiles to interact with distinct elements on the platform. A lifesaver! If everything comes this way, you will be able to create up to 5 separate profiles, all tied back to your master account. Each of these profiles won’t require you to include your real name or identity. According to the Meta incentive, this will help to encourage posting and sharing on the social network. 

What does it mean for users in practice? If the experiments are successful, you might have one Facebook identity to interact with friends, another one to communicate with co-workers, the third — to engage with your family, etc. Each of them will come with a specialized News Feed, which will help you interact with various elements without a need to share everything with each of your connections.

We believe it will help people become more open to their followers. You won’t have to worry about sharing everything on your main feed, being judged by peers, or gaining haters when you post something related to politics, sports, etc. This alternative group feature will enable people to interact with more chamber interests. If you share our views, you are welcome to leave your thoughts on the news. If you don’t, feel free to express what you would like to be additionally mended

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