UC Browser - fast browsing, powerful ad-block review

UC Browser - fast browsing, powerful ad-block

UC Browser - fast browsing, powerful ad-block review

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Made by UC Callmaster Mobile Co., Ltd., UC Browser is a powerful bundle that makes the Internet surfing an experience to remember. An amazing utility for smartphones, UC Browser app keeps you abreast with the current happening of the world with its newsfeed section. The Newsfeed lets you customize your preference, thereby, enabling you to see the news that matter you the most.

Apart from the newsfeed, there are GIFs, funny videos and humor channels that keep the users entertained and engaged. All these elements are organized in the browser in a neat and elegant manner, thus, keeping any content clutter at bay. UC Browser fathoms well the importance of reading over the web and therefore, it has to offer a seamless reading experience with the intuitive view mode.

When it comes to browsing your favorite websites and webpages, the UC browser app keeps ads, pop-ups, and any other interference away with its powerful AD blocking algorithm. Also, it can classify between a useful pop-up and pop-up that contains irrelevant or redundant content, hence, making the experience of exploring the Internet faster and efficient. Another reason why UC Browser is one of the most loved apps is its Mini-Video Window feature. The mini-video window lets you do multitasking by establishing itself in one of the corners of your phone. With this amazing feature, there is no need to stop or pause your video as you move to another app or window in your phone.

UC Browser app is also known to save the mobile data up to a whopping 60%. It does so by preventing ads, optimizing the pages, automatically redirecting the users to the mobile version of the webpages/websites, and utilizing the mobile data compression technology. All these features ensure that the browsing consumes less of mobile data and make the surfing of the web as smooth as silk.

Integrated QR Code Scanner is another essential feature that the UC Browser app boasts of. The scanner comes with a QR code reader that uses the camera of the phone to recognize any QR Code your Smartphone camera is pointing at. 3D Touch App support by UC Browser is one more reason behind its popularity. With this amazing association, you can simply press UC Browser on the home screen and it will start the search or it will redirect you into YouTube.

On the whole, UC Browser is faster when it comes to web browsing as well as video streaming. It is smarter considering its features such as ad blocking, data compression technique to save mobile data, etc. Last but not the least, it is better in terms of interface, security, privacy, and safety of the user data.

Bottom Line

UC Browser App has been kicking around on the smartphones for a long time and undoubtedly, it has improved a lot since its launch. The app is modern enough to fend off ads and other suspicious materials that easily sneak through the phones with the help of other browsers. It is indeed quick, safe and secured!


  • Perfect for Slow Internet Connection
  • Does not Suck Excessive CPU Power and Battery Capacity
  • Easy-to-Use with Clutter-Free and Neat Interface


  • No Support for Dynamic Web Content
  • Displays Annoying Notifications


UC Browser - fast browsing, powerful ad-block UC Browser - fast browsing, powerful ad-block UC Browser - fast browsing, powerful ad-block UC Browser - fast browsing, powerful ad-block

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