Hangouts review


Hangouts review

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Hangouts is a chatting app originally developed for businesses but quickly became popular as a social network for everyone. The app is easy to use. It is a product of Google. This app is available for the iOS mobile platform as well.

The Beauty of the App

Hangouts faced tough competition ever since it was created. During a long time, it remained popular only among a narrow group of users. It has an incredibly pleasant, green, and white color palette and a well-developed design that helps to attract an audience. The main instruments are not signed. However, the icons are standard and well known around the world. The interface is well organized. There are multiple stickers you may want to check out.

Improved Features

While Hangouts was originally accepted as a place for business meetings and job interviews, it definitely has features to offer for friends and families. Besides a well-developed design, it has different features available for free. Check them out:

  • The chat with 150 people is available for all users of Hangouts;
  • There is a wide range of vivid stickers, GIFs, and emoji to express your current mood during the text chat;
  • You can also send photos and videos via the chat;
  • You can call ten friends in a free of charge video chat;
  • Use this app to call other people abroad. All the calls are free;
  • Your profile in Hangouts syncs with all the devices. You can use your phone while you are on your way somewhere and change the device at home or the office;
  • No matter whether the person is offline, you can still leave the message;
  • Use Google Cloud to control the app remotely.

Is Hangouts Simple to Use?

Hangouts offer you some excellent benefits, which means that there is an icon on the menu for each of them. I suggest you check all the categories available to you in the first place. After you download the app, take some time to check out all the features and the instruments you can use. Sync the app with your phone book to be able to invite people directly from there. The icons are not signed, so make sure you understand their meaning.

Is Hangouts Free?

Yes, Hangouts is free of charge app. However, there are some limitations to the free version. For example, you can’t call in a group chat over 10 people. You also have to keep in mind that even though the calls between Hangouts accounts are free, ISP and mobile carrier charges may be added to your monthly bills.

Hot or Not?

Hangouts has a solid reputation as one of the most reliable video chatting apps. It is usually compared with Zoom, IMO, and Skype services. It definitely has numerous similarities, but it is also different from each of them. You can download it on your iOS as a great alternative to popular video chatting apps. It is free of charge.



Google Hangouts is a powerful platform for communication that was developed by Google and now is included in a G Suite line. It supports text and video chat that can be accessed by up 150 and 30 members at the same time respectively. In order to use Hangouts, you need to have an Internet connection; otherwise, the chats will not be updated. You can access the platform through the web application, or to install the app on the iOS or Android devices.


  • Advanced well organized interface
  • Free calls
  • Group chats for ten people
  • Ability to send videos and photos.


  • It requires a strong Internet connection
  • Group chat is limited to 10 users.


Hangouts Hangouts

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