YouTube Could Soon Permit Viewers to Append Commentary Beneath Videos, Comparable to X's Collective Annotations

  • 18-06-2024 |
  • Matthew Garcia
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YouTube might soon roll out a new feature that allows users to add 'notes' beneath videos. This feature is expected to function similarly to the Community Notes feature on X (formerly known as Twitter). The goal is to provide additional context to existing content, helping users identify if a video is a parody or an outdated clip, thereby addressing misinformation.

Notes on YouTube

In a recent blog post, the video-streaming platform announced that the new notes feature aims to offer clear context on videos. Examples include notes that specify when a song is a parody, highlight the availability of a new product version, or inform viewers when old footage is misrepresented as a current event.
The initiative will start as an experimental pilot project in English in the US, where eligible contributors will be invited via email or Creator Studio notifications to test the feature before it becomes widely available.

The new feature will operate in a manner similar to X's Community Notes. Users will find an Add note option below the videos. They can then use the textbox to provide additional context and hit Send. The note will be published anonymously without displaying the creator's name.

How It Works

Once a note is submitted, it will be reviewed by third-party evaluators to help train YouTube's systems. Users will have three options to rate the notes: helpful, somewhat helpful, and unhelpful. A bridging-based algorithm will determine which notes to publish. If a note is rated as helpful by several evaluators, it will be displayed below the video. After the pilot phase, contributors will also be able to rate notes themselves.

To enhance the likelihood of a note being considered helpful, users can include citations, utilize high-quality sources, and directly address the claims made in the video. Additionally, employing neutral and easy-to-understand language may improve the note's effectiveness.


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